Orleans Ballroom

Take stunning bridal portraits in New Orleans' oldest and grandest ballroom. Between the grand staircase and balcony, this romantic French Quarter treasure is the spot for amazing photos.

Stroll up the winding staircase to the Orleans Ballroom where you can meander under the crystal chandelier. Romantic wall sconces and gold accents create a amorously warm environment for beautiful photos.

Step outside on the large, historic balcony for a true French Quarter experience. The striking St. Louis Cathedral is a iconic highlight in any photo!

Any photography taken onsite requires a photography contract and prior approval by Bourbon Orleans management. See below for pricing and details.

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$250.00 for 2 hours. $50.00 for each additional hour. Discounts are offered for overnight guests.

Subject to availability. Special event and holiday rates may apply. Pricing for shoots over 4 hours or including over 4 people require alternate pricing.

Photography Policies

  • Bridal photography may take place within the Orleans Ballroom, staircase that leads up to the ballroom, and adjoining balcony that overlooks the St. Louis Cathedral. The space must be reserved 30 days in advance.
  • Photography that is taken alongside of a contracted event or during a property buyout is permitted free of charge. Photography solely inside of a reserved guestroom is also permitted free of charge.
  • If a dressing room is needed, we recommend reserving a guestroom at a discounted rate. Please contact us for details.

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