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Kenny Brown & The KB Express

DATE: July 28th 2024

TIME: 08:00 PM

Kenny Brown was born in New Orleans and started his professional career at age 18, when his band opened for Tina Tuner in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. A guitar player and vocalist with a jazz, funk, blues, and soul influence, Kenny is truly an example of the mix of New Orleans’ cultural references. In addition to Kenny’s fiery guitar solos, his vocals are a unique mixture of soulful raspy-ness. Kenny’s organic connection with the audience encourages a relaxed atmosphere while he is playing classic blues, R&B, funk, jazz, or original songs. In his own words, Kenny defined himself as, “My music strolls through the Blues with bits of Funk and Soul, my true roots.” Kenny’s vocal talent and skill in playing the guitar, captivate the audience every time. His sense of humor, innovative interpretation of tunes, and slang, exemplify the showmanship that audiences have come to expect from Kenny Brown & KB Express; and they deliver; every time. The Kenny Brown & KB Express set list includes a ‘gumbo’ mixture of the black rhythms from New Orleans, the birthplace of Afro-American music.