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Ingrid Lucia

DATE: May 21st 2024

TIME: 8pm-12am

Ingrid Lucia has had an extensive gifted performing career since she was 10. She was raised in a family band “The Flying Neutrinos”, that toured the world from two Mexican Circuses to streets, clubs and festivals. Ingrid is the face and voice for the New Orleans tourism bureaus campaign with Irvin Mayfield in “Do they play Jazz in heaven”. She has charted number # 9 on Billboard Jazz charts with her AO! Album “Hotel Child”. She has been featured singing “This Little Light of Mine” on the Ellen- Oprah Christmas episode. She loves New Orleans Music and has been an advocate of it performing from “Club Reka” in Moscow, to “Ronnie Scott’s” in London to the “ German Academy Awards” in Berlin to“ Feinstein’s” in NYC to “ Preservation Hall” in New Orleans.