Ghost Camp at the Haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel


The Second Annual Paranormal Festival produced by Visit New Orleans

September 11-14, 2014 at the haunted Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans
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Events Include:

  • Welcome reception at the haunted Dauphine Orleans Hotel

  • Live radio broadcast on Paranormal Talk Radio

  • Ghosts and Spirits Cocktail tour

  • Cafe au lait, beignets and cemetery/Voodoo adventure

  • New Orleans Ghost Hunters symposium

  • Ghosts of the Mississippi River on the Steamboat Natchez

  • Seance in Bourbon Orleans' haunted & historic Orleans Ballroom

  • French Quarter Spirited Scavenger Quest

  • Ghost seminars featuring expert author and speaker

  • Gala dinner and ghost hunt in the Orleans Ballroom

  • Sunday awards brunch and Ghost Camp certification presentation

Ghosts & Spirits Cocktail Tour:

  • September 11 8-10pm  | $50

Ghosts on the Mississippi:

  • September 12 6-9pm | $99

  • Steamboat Natchez | Dinner included

Saturday Night Gala Ghost Hunt:

  • September 13 8pm - 1am } $150

  • 19th Century Gala dinner and ghost hunt in the Orleans Ballroom

Accommodations at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Learn about the Bourbon Orleans Hotel's haunted history here.

Event package: $500
Full package with hotel $975 per person

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