The Bourbon Orleans: One of New Orleans' Haunted Hotels

Posted on: September 27, 2010 | Posted in: News and Events
New Orleans is one of America's most haunted cities. Stories of the rooms and corridors of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel being haunted are about as old as the hotel itself.  The hotels was built in 1964, but before it was a hotel, the site was home to the Orleans Ballroom and Orleans Theater before it was converted to a convent in the late 1800's.  Ghosts who roam the halls and rooms of the Bourbon Orleans today, lived in all different eras of the building's history. The following are the most identified ghosts at our historic hotel. The Confederate Soldier: Stories of the Confederate soldier surround both the sixth and third floors.  His footsteps can sometimes be heard in the hallways. The Children: The ghost children found in the Bourbon Orleans hotel are from the time when the Sisters of the Holy Family operated a girls school (St. Mary's Academy), medical ward and an orphanage expanding from the Orleans Ballroom through the entire block.  The most frequently told tale is of a little girl rolling her ball and chasing it down the sixth floor corridors. There have been several reports by guests of apparitions of ghostly women with children. The Orleans Ballroom: The Orleans Ballroom, home to the grandest social events in the 1800s, is also home to a lonely ghost dancer.  Occasionally, a young girl wil be seen dancing underneath the crystal chandelier. Learn more about the haunted past the historic French Quarter. Reserve your stay at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel & receive two tickets to the Haunted French Quarter Walking Tour that begins and ends at Bourbon Oh!, breakfast daily and discounted parking. Click here to reserve our phantom package online.